GAZDA32 – 82cm Gas Burnisher


All materials used in making a Gazda floor burnisher are selected to give the longest possible service. Armed with super tough Kohler industrial engines, and unique Gazda design, they combine to produce 2000RPM, giving your floor the highest gloss level.


Fitted with the new Closed Loop Engine Emission technology, it automatically ensures that CO emissions are minimised and maintained at safe levels, below the workplace exposure standard determined by Safe Work Australia.


The high tech fully sealed lead acid battery is completely maintenance free, requiring no topping up, no corroded terminals ever. The easy-to-use gas cylinder clamp makes cylinder changing quick & easy, even if your cylinders aren’t the same size.


SAVE TIME & MONEY with the efficiency of the new dust control system combined with the full-surround skirt leaves the floor virtually dust-free, no more do you have to re-sweep the floor, or dust shelves after buffing.


All-Australian designed and built.


Parts available all over Australia from over 120 Distributors.


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