Closed Loop Engine Emission technology and CO safety monitoring systems

Polivac International has been the leader of gas powered floor burnishers for over 60 years and is constantly developing new technologies that help keep workers safe and help you get more out of your operation.

We are proud to introduce our latest Closed Loop Engine Emission technology and CO safety monitoring systems.


The new Closed Loop Engine Emission technology is fitted on all of Polivac’s range of Gas Burnishers. This system automatically detects any changes in pressure between the air filter and carburettor then stabilises the amount of fuel delivered to the engine.

This steady delivery of fuel ensures that CO emissions are minimised and maintained at safe levels, well below the workplace exposure standard determined by Safe Work Australia of 30 ppm (as an 8-hour average).

CO safety monitoring systems can also be deployed to further improve workplace safety. These systems are sensitive enough to detect even the smallest amount of dangerous gases and warn the operator with alarm activations relays to prevent exposure to high levels of dangerous gases.

Polivac’s innovative range of technologies provide everything you need to improve safety in your workplace, maximise the performance of your equipment, reduce costly downtime and enhance operator performance. To learn more, visit Polivac International website at

For further information regarding CO Emissions contact the WorkSafe Victoria Advisory Service on 1800 136 089 or go to 



Research and Development

Polivac’s innovative approach to high productivity equipment is epitomised in its development over 30 years ago of the world’s first suction polisher – the PV25.

Our ongoing Research and Development Program has resulted in the introduction of not only unique equipment such as the ‘Shark’ long nose scrubber but also refinements to gas-powered machinery to reduce emissions while increasing productivity rates and significant developments in ergonomics to increase Operator comfort and safety.

Now a range of battery-powered models is being developed as part our commitment to protecting the environment. A continuous Field Testing Program is also in place to continually monitor product performance for further development.

The Company also holds a world patent on its unique oil-filled and sealed Polidrive gearbox. The Program also includes a specialised facility to adapt models to the needs and demands of the Company’s Export Markets, ensuring maximum compliance with local Authorities’ requirements and the application specifications of End-Users in each individual country.