First formed in 1949, Polivac International is now recognised as Australia’s leading manufacturer of commercial cleaning equipment and a major exporter of advanced cleaning technology worldwide. In 1990, Polivac underwent a change of management. Mr. Tony Antonious, who is the  current owner and Managing Director, has further developed the company to become a leading international manufacturer.

Founded on the invention of the world’s first suction polisher, the PV25, Polivac has developed a wide product range to suit all types of commercial cleaning. Previously, the Company had a dual focus on both of machinery and chemicals. Under Mr. Antonious’ leadership,  Polivac made a strategic move to concentrate on developing and manufacturing highly productive, Operator-friendly machinery.

‘Increased productivity through intelligent design’ is now Polivac’s core philosophy.’

Today, Polivac is a leading name in the manufacture and distribution of commercial cleaning equipment with over 120 Distributors in Australia and 12 internationally. The current Polivac machine range is diverse and versatile, covering hard floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, concrete grinding and finishing through to timber floor sanding, back pack and canister vacuum cleaners.

We are in it for the long haul—for our customers and for our world. Our customers can be found in virtually every corner of the earth, and we realize our success comes directly from helping our customers be successful.

Polivac International attained the International Quality Standard ISO QA 9001 in August 1997, and has since maintained this Quality Certification to 2018, delivering decades of quality assurance.

The current Polivac range is highly diverse, with electric, gas and battery-powered models suitable for a wide range of cleaning environments and applications. Primary focus is on floor maintenance and cleaning through machinery designed to produce high quality, highly durable floor finishes and deep cleaning.The range includes machines for stripping polish from hard floors; laying new polishes and protectants; high speed and ultra high speed polishing of all floors; scrubbing of floors to maintain hygiene and floor life; concrete grinding and finishing, timber sanding and vacuuming and shampooing of carpets for large or small area operations.