Product Range Diversity

The current Polivac range is highly diverse, with electric, gas and battery-powered models suitable for a wide range of cleaning environments and applications. Primary focus is on floor maintenance and cleaning through machinery designed to produce high quality, highly durable floor finishes and deep cleaning.

The range includes machines for stripping polish from hard floors; laying new polishes and protectants; high speed and ultra high speed polishing of all floors; scrubbing of floors to maintain hygiene and floor life; concrete grinding and finishing, timber sanding and vacuuming and shampooing of carpets for large or small area operations.

Polivac products are designed to operate with maximum efficiency and to significantly reduce operator fatigue through their design and ease-of-use. Research has been undertaken by the University of Melbourne into the ergonomic design benefits of the Polivac in-line burnishing machines, with outstanding results. Copies of these University Reports are available on request.