End Users

Polivac equipment have a wide range of End-Users. Our primary users are contract cleaners and franchisors who have large account bases and therefore require highly efficient and reliable machinery to run their businesses at a profit.

Our products are used in sporting complexes, supermarkets, large shopping centres, schools, hospitals, offices, high rise, factories, resorts, hotels, showrooms and outdoor hard surface areas.

Organisations that do not outsource the cleaning of their sites but who run in-house services, also use our products. The same range is applicable to both groups. Our vacuums are suited to large and small scale commercial and industrial applications, as well as domestic due to their powerful suction and ease-of-use.

No single machine is perfect for every application or site condition. Whether you need polishers,scrubbers,floor sanders or vacuums, your Polivac dealer can pull the right system together from the most reliable selection of equipment options on earth.

One system is going to perform best on your next job, but only Polivac can deliver on them all. You find the work. We’ll find the way.