Polivac Company Profile

First formed in 1949, Polivac International is now recognised as Australia’s leading manufacturer of commercial cleaning equipment and a major exporter of advanced cleaning technology worldwide. In 1990, Polivac underwent a change of management. Mr. Tony Antonious, who is the  current owner and Managing Director, has further developed the Company to become a leading international manufacturer.

Founded on the invention of the world’s first suction polisher, the PV25, Polivac has developed a wide product range to suit all types of commercial cleaning. Previously, the Company had a dual focus on both of machinery and chemicals. Under Mr. Antonious’ leadership,  Polivac made a strategic move to concentrate on developing and manufacturing highly productive, Operator-friendly machinery.

‘Increased productivity through intelligent design’ is now Polivac’s core philosophy.'

Today, Polivac is a leading name in the world manufacture and distribution of commercial cleaning equipment with over 120 Distributors in Australia and 12 internationally. The current Polivac machine range is diverse and versatile, covering hard floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, concrete grinding and finishing through to timber floor sanding, back pack and canister vacuum cleaners.

Product Range Diversity

The current Polivac range is highly diverse, with electric, gas and battery-powered models suitable for a wide range of  cleaning environments and applications. Primary focus is on floor maintenance and cleaning through machinery designed to produce high quality, highly durable floor finishes and deep cleaning.

The range includes machines for stripping polish from hard floors; laying new polishes and protectants; high speed and ultra high speed polishing of all floors; scrubbing of floors to maintain hygiene and floor life; concrete grinding and finishing, timber sanding and vacuuming and shampooing of carpets for large or small area operations.

Efficient Design = Higher Productivity

Polivac products are designed to operate with maximum efficiency and to significantly reduce Operator fatigue through their design and ease-of-use. Research has been undertaken by the University of Melbourne into the ergonomic design benefits of the Polivac in-line burnishing machines, with outstanding results. Copies of these University Reports are available on request.


Polivac products have a wide range  of End-Users.  Our primary users are Contract Cleaners and Franchisors who have large account bases and therefore require highly efficient and reliable machinery to run their businesses at a profit. Our products are used in sporting complexes, supermarkets, large shopping centres, schools, hospitals, offices, high rise, factories, resorts, hotels, showrooms and outdoor hard surface areas.

Organisations that do not outsource the cleaning of their sites but who run in-house services, also use our products. The same range is applicable to both groups. Our vacuums are suited to large and small scale commercial and industrial applications, as well as domestic due to their powerful suction and ease-of-use.

Research and Development

Polivac’s innovative approach to high productivity equipment is epitomised in its development over 30 years ago of the world’s first suction polisher - the PV25. Our ongoing Research and Development Program has resulted in the introduction of not only unique equipment such as the ‘Shark’ long nose scrubber but also refinements to gas-powered machinery to reduce emissions while increasing productivity rates and  significant developments in ergonomics to increase Operator comfort and safety. Now a range of battery-powered models is being developed as part our commitment to protecting the environment.  A continuous Field Testing Program is also in place to continually monitor product performance for further development.

The Company also holds a world patent on its unique oil-filled and sealed Polidrive gearbox. The Program also includes a specialised facility to adapt models to the needs and demands of the Company’s Export Markets, ensuring maximum compliance with local Authorities’ requirements and the application specifications of End-Users in each individual country.

Environmental responsibilities

The Company prides itself on being a mature, responsible corporate citizen committed to designing and manufacturing highly efficient, durable and dependable, easily serviced commercial cleaning equipment which operates at maximum efficiency. Even ‘in death’  every Polivac can be recycled to further conserve the maximum amount of material resources.

A cornerstone of our commitment to the environment is:

‘The Polivac Conservation Cycle’ …protecting the environment through intelligent design
  • Responsible design
  • Highest possible build quality
  • High efficiency operation
  • Reliability and long life
  • Recyclability
We are totally committed to ensuring responsible attitudes and practices in the development of commercial cleaning equipment which significantly contributes to the conservation of resources combined with minimal energy use and maximum utilisation.  

Quality Assurance

Polivac attained the International Quality Standard in August 1997, under License Number QEC 10553, which pertains to ISO QA 9002.

End-User Support – Distributor Selection

Polivac does not sell ‘direct’. Our products however, are fully supported through the Polivac National and International Distributors Network. Polivac Distributors are selected in accordance with a number of critical criteria. Of primary importance is their ability and capacity to quickly and efficiently service our products in the marketplace, which ensures our reputation for ‘reliability’ and ‘service’ is maintained.

Their willingness to provide exceptional service in addition to their experience in the industry and their regional/geographic location are also very much taken into account.

Export Distribution

The Company’s Export structure mirrors domestic operations in that sales are conducted through an International Distributor Network. The key criteria for selecting Overseas Distributors is the same as that of their domestic counterparts. The key variables of service, support, experience in the industry and motivation to sell Polivac machinery remain.


The Polivac range is assembled by our highly skilled and specialised team at our North Melbourne Complex. Polivac components are outsourced with light manufacturing completed at the factory.  Polivac maintains a complete product inventory to ensure high levels of product availability and responsive Customer service for machinery and spare parts.

Due to our inventory warehousing, our pricing remains extremely stable.  Polivac products are extensively tested under our QA processes during manufacture and after product completion. This ensures exceptional product quality and high reliability. The patented ‘Polidrive’ Gearbox is also assembled at the factory with precision technology and expertise. A strong focus on this aspect of manufacture,  retaining assembly under our complete control, maintains the highest quality for this very important component. Polivac prides itself on its proven reputation, worldwide, on the reliability and legendarily long life of its machines.